Luca Valentini is an engineer who made his learned use of technique as the starting
point for a superlative vision of art. The truth that his bold portraits exude with a
massive use of black and white, refers to life as a perpetual state of becoming: a
future that is impossible to seize, because it is mysterious and ambiguous,
suspended in the eternal contrast of its colors.
All those celebrities, immortalized in a series of symbols and metaphors, represent
purity uncorrupted sedimented in reworking of famous covers of newspapers and
magazines, that emphasize with deafening incisiveness their iconic value.
His action painting is three-dimensional and material, and reflects on contemporary
art, but it is enriched with contamination between the marvelous street art and the
solid german expressionism; his canvas becomes an imploded universe of suggest
and meaning.

In this way Luca Valentini is able to make the space of his paintings as universal
and cosmic, taming it with magnificent obsessions and polymath that intimidates
and shakes, asks questions and gives answers: his world is not conciliatory; it is
strength and tension.

The synthesis of his art is not yet to come, because his pulsions talk us about a
curious artist that desires to experiment new languages and that allows himself to
inspiration, without fear or reverence.